Marriage Brings Stability to a Country

The divorce rate in America is no longer rising, but that is not necessarily from more couples working through their problems. A significant factor is less people getting married. More couples are choosing to cohabitate, with some eventually tying the knot. Regardless of differing religious beliefs and political views, research shows that marriage has a positive impact on society and is thus worth promoting.

A Look At the Marriage Relationship

The Benefits of Marriage

The marriage union of two committed partners provides a more stable environment in which their children can grow. Two-parent families are less likely to live in poverty as well, due to sharing the load of work and childcare. This is also the result of those who have a college education. Not only are they more likely to get married, they also will achieve independent financial success for a more solid foundation.

The Ideal Marital Relationship

Not all marriages are equal. Those based on economic security may have imbalances in spousal roles, contributing to conflict and dependency. Marriages stemming mainly from romance are focused on the adults’ relationship, which is a problem when children are involved, as their needs become secondary. The most successful marriages have a shared commitment to the raising and well-being of children.

When Divorce is Appropriate

An unhealthy marital union causes more harm than good. Sometimes divorce is the right choice for the family, especially in cases of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. In worst case scenarios, a divorce lawyer may have to mediate when a spouse breaks the couple’s commitment expectations, develops an addiction, or puts the family in economic danger, and refuses to stop or seek professional help.

So, Is It Possible to Save Marriage?

Marriage is salvageable both at the societal and individual level. To increase successful marital rates in society, more people, especially those with less education and financial stability, need to realize the benefits to themselves and their children that marriage offers. After the wedding, couples should take steps to strengthen their marriage, such as going to counseling to address major issues before they become unmanageable.